Ultima VII – Trinsic Perspective

References: Ultima VII Google Map, Horse Silhouette

I’ve always wanted to do a series of (good) Ultima perspective sketches. Obviously this one’s just a fast sketch, but I imagined this is what the Avatar would see as soon as he’s plopped into Trinsic in Ultima VII. (minus Iolo, Petre, and Finnigan of course)

When I started sketching, I had a really pewpy low res file that I was looking at from my phone. It wasn’t until I pulled up Ryan Allen’s kick ass U7 Google Map that I realized I was missing a window and had sign and lamp posts in wrong places. *shrug* Oh well.

Little Sketches! (Dragon, Runes, Serpent, Skeleton, Sword)

References: Sword, Skeleton, Ultima VII Runes

Today’s sketches are on lots of little pieces. You’ll see why on Friday. 😉

The Fabulous Dragon is an original sketch, the runes are an interpretation from the Ultima VII pixel graphics, the sword is based loosely on a Denis Loubet illustration, the skeleton is based strongly on a Denis Loubet illustration, and the long serpent is just a silly version of a silver serpent.

Ultima – Rune of Honor…weather stone?

I had a really ridiculous thought while drawing this. I wish I would have thought of it in time to add a sign to the drawing, but have you ever thought that maybe Gordon and/or Finnegan was using the Rune of Honor as a weather stone? The sign would read:

Weather Rune of Honor

Condition Forecast
Rune is Wet Rain
Rune is Dry No Rain
Rune has Shadow Sun
Rune is White Snow
Rune is Hazy Fog
Rune is Sliding Wind
Rune is Vibrating Tremor
Rune is Glowing Mages
Rune is Gone Avatar

Grr Arg

I’m admittedly having a pretty shitty day. I wanted to draw something else entirely but my hand didn’t want to stay still. What I *really* wanted to do was pull out a big 24″ x 36″ sheet of paper and attack it with some charcoal. I’m sure this would have made me feel much better. Regardless, this is the drawing that happened today. Take it or leave it.

Ultima Manual Images – Sea Serpent

Reference Image: Sea Serpent

Another Denis Loubet illustration. I learned today that I already need new pens. It’s a shame. The tips of the Zig pens get too fat too quickly, in my opinion. It’s such a waste of ink.

Anyone out there have any experience with rapidograph pens?

Ultima Manual Images – Ghost (Dag Yo!)

Reference: Ultima Ghost

Another of Denis Loubet’s illustrations, this time with a little interpretation of my own. (The arm movement, not the obvious textual addition)

Interestingly, after I finished drawing the ghost, I gave it a strong outline in preparation to fill the background entirely with black: Progress Shot. I actually liked how graphical and almost graffiti like it looked with this super hefty outline, however, I kept on and filled it in. About halfway through blacking the background, I decided I wanted to put in some lines, but not until after I’d filled in the bottom. Oh well. Plan ahead or carry around some white ink I suppose.