Keep Britannia Clean – Send the Gargoyles Back!


Original Keep Britannia Clean Scroll - Ultima 7

Original Keep Britannia Clean Scroll – Ultima 7

This is from scrolls found in Ultima VII: The Black Gate. I’ve wanted to make this poster for pretty much a decade now. The idea first occurred to my in printmaking when I was at Ball State. I wanted to hang these all over campus but I never got around to it before transferring. Nearly a decade later, I finally made it!

The subtext here is Richard Garriott addressing racism in the world that he created, Britannia. I always thought the race issue in Ultima VII was very powerful as it was one of the many threads of life and realism he was able to weave into his simulations.

Original gargoyle artwork by Denis Loubet from the Ultima IX instruction manual. I modified it a bit to make them look more evil. The font is Free Press from DaFont. The parchment is is from DeviantArt’s Empty-Dreams and can be found here.

(If you’re curious, I have a DeviantArt entry for this poster here.)

Homestuck: John’s Dad -or- Ren & Stimpy: Mr. Pipe?

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who got the weird feeling that John’s dad in Homestuck and Mr. Pipe from Ren & Stimpy could be the same person. Either way, here they are. References are from screen caps from the rubber nipple salesmen episode of Ren & Stimpy and from various pages of Homestuck.

Also, this was another one I actually started with pencil.