Water Study – Rockwell Kent

I finished up Monday’s work in progress. It’s a study from my new Illustrations of Rockwell Kent Book The reference illustration is on page 102 of previously linked book, “The First Leg” from A Treasury of Sea Stories.

Oddly, when cropped like this, it looks to be much more of a mountainous landscape than rough waters. *shrug*

Ultima Daemon

Reference Image: Daemon

I felt like drawing something with a significant quantity of black in it today to test some of my bigger Rapidograph pens. So I’m back to another of Denis Loubet‘s illustrations. This was a nice change from using the Sharpie for filling in larger areas. I think I’m slowly starting to adjust to using these fancy schmancy pens.

Curiosity and the Oxy Leech

References: Curiosity and Oxy Leech

Congratulations to NASA, JPL, and humanity! I’m waiting for Curiosity to discover the 1893 Landing Sites. 😉

Today is the first that I used Rapidograph pens. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve primarily used Zig Millenium pens and once in a great while, Micron pens. Ever since college, people have said that the Rapidograph pens were the way to go, but I’d never used them. I didn’t have any place that I could try them and they were prohibitively expensive.

Fast forward a freaking decade, and here I am. Taking my artwork more seriously and I decided to invest in a set. I have mixed feelings about them so far. I definitely understand that there will be an adjustment period, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like them for the type of drawing that I do. I imagine that they would be wonderful when working with a ruler, but starting and stopping free hand is sort of punishing. It seems to accentuate any shakes that I make and I am unable to press harder like I do with the felt tip pens in order to steady my hand. I’m also unable to draw at as many angles as I am with the felt tips. Another gripe is that the ink is bleeding. I may have to switch to a higher quality paper medium if I want to keep using them.

For the short term, I’m going to stick with them. Especially since they were super expensive. Hopefully I’ll grow into them.