Zorgor’s Angels

I made this drawing for my comrade-in-arts Zorgor. Be sure to check him out, his art is going through a transition phase right now and it’s very enjoyable to witness.

Also, bonus self-portrait today. 😛

(I tagged this as “From Reference Photo” because I looked at the original Charlie’s Angels logo for reference)

Also, I just added “Zorgor” to Firefox’s dictionary.

Replacement Refs

References: MemeReferee

This is my second go at whiteboard art with the Zig Postermans. This one is radically different that the previous illustration. This time, my goal was to finish as quickly as possible while still covering the board. I finished this one in just over an hour. (which is a hell of a lot better than the last time)

Also…life is difficult when you don’t have a decent skin color marker. :/

Progress Shots

Big Brother to the Rescue!

Reference Images Courtesy of NASA

This one admittedly took more than an hour. 😉

Anyway, Curiosity and the Oxy-Leech caught the attention of my good friend Chase, who worked on the first Mars rovers project. He asked if he could have it and I told him “NO!” But that was only because I’d rather he have something a little nicer. Here’s that something.

Today I learned: Illustration board doesn’t bleed, which isn’t. However, it also doesn’t dry very quickly so it can smear. Also, while it doesn’t bleed, it’s still fibrous and Rapidograph pens can get fibers in them which act like extra nibs and drag large pools of ink around, as evidenced by the really bad looking “G” in the text. I’m still not sure if I like them more than Zigs yet.

Curiosity and the Oxy Leech

References: Curiosity and Oxy Leech

Congratulations to NASA, JPL, and humanity! I’m waiting for Curiosity to discover the 1893 Landing Sites. 😉

Today is the first that I used Rapidograph pens. If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve primarily used Zig Millenium pens and once in a great while, Micron pens. Ever since college, people have said that the Rapidograph pens were the way to go, but I’d never used them. I didn’t have any place that I could try them and they were prohibitively expensive.

Fast forward a freaking decade, and here I am. Taking my artwork more seriously and I decided to invest in a set. I have mixed feelings about them so far. I definitely understand that there will be an adjustment period, but I’m not sure if I’m going to like them for the type of drawing that I do. I imagine that they would be wonderful when working with a ruler, but starting and stopping free hand is sort of punishing. It seems to accentuate any shakes that I make and I am unable to press harder like I do with the felt tip pens in order to steady my hand. I’m also unable to draw at as many angles as I am with the felt tips. Another gripe is that the ink is bleeding. I may have to switch to a higher quality paper medium if I want to keep using them.

For the short term, I’m going to stick with them. Especially since they were super expensive. Hopefully I’ll grow into them.

Mr. Thorse

References: Mr. Horse (of course), Thor’s Helmet, Mjölnir 1, Mjölnir 2

Yesterday during lunch, I was conversing with some of the new hires about the drawings and calligraphy I do around the office. I asked a particular person what she wanted to have drawn on her white board and she said,

“A tiger! Or a horse!”

I struggled to come up with a silly portmanteau for tiger and horse, but it wasn’t happening. Then the other person we were sitting with blurted out,


This, of course, cracked my shit up and filled me with ridiculous mental images. Turns out, there already is a somewhat popular Thorse image out there, but I like mine better.

If I could do it again, I would changed the text to “I didn’t smite it” instead of “I won’t smite it.” *shrug* For those of you that don’t get the reference, first of all, shame on you. Second of all, here, watch this.

ReDead is Lonely

References: Zelda Wiki ReDead, Zelda Wiki Spooky Mask, Guy Sitting

This one is fun for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s a request. A Zelda-crazed friend of mine requested “You should draw a redead, sitting alone in the dark.” I figured he’d be lonely. I imagine him as a tragic intellectual with a tremendous urge for companionship who just wants a playmate and a hug but the mask prevents that when he’s around people. *shrug*

Second of all, it’s one of the rare times, if not the first time, that I sketched in pencil before drawing over it in ink. I also did some warm up sketches to get ready.

It’s certainly one of the creepier things I’ve drawn in a while. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s instantly recognizable, so I wouldn’t consider it to be a success.

Stew! (work in progress)

References: Moo, Carrot, Tater, and Stew (Not to be confused with K-Stew)

One of the original tenets of Lunch Sketches, in my mind at least, was that each drawing should be finished within a lunch break. Well…looks like I got a little overzealous today. I’ll finish and post it tomorrow. Until then, behold the unfinished stew. Right now, it looks a bit like ice floating in gravy with a pepperoni on top.