Homestuck: John’s Dad -or- Ren & Stimpy: Mr. Pipe?

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who got the weird feeling that John’s dad in Homestuck and Mr. Pipe from Ren & Stimpy could be the same person. Either way, here they are. References are from screen caps from the rubber nipple salesmen episode of Ren & Stimpy and from various pages of Homestuck.

Also, this was another one I actually started with pencil.

ReDead is Lonely

References: Zelda Wiki ReDead, Zelda Wiki Spooky Mask, Guy Sitting

This one is fun for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s a request. A Zelda-crazed friend of mine requested “You should draw a redead, sitting alone in the dark.” I figured he’d be lonely. I imagine him as a tragic intellectual with a tremendous urge for companionship who just wants a playmate and a hug but the mask prevents that when he’s around people. *shrug*

Second of all, it’s one of the rare times, if not the first time, that I sketched in pencil before drawing over it in ink. I also did some warm up sketches to get ready.

It’s certainly one of the creepier things I’ve drawn in a while. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s instantly recognizable, so I wouldn’t consider it to be a success.

Faxanadu – Ideation

Reference Image
I wasn’t happy with yesterday’s sketch, but today’s was even worse. *shrug* Just not feeling it today for some reason. I think the pressure of having to sit, eat, and sketch in an hour window sometimes just doesn’t work so well when there are outside forces trying to make demands of that time.

Hey look, I used a pencil!