2012 Tweed Ride Bike Prep Sketches

The Third Annual Indianapolis Tweed Ride is rapidly approaching. (That’s me on the front there) It’s my favorite event of the year and I’m going all out again this year. I was saddened last year that my bike malfunctioned right at the last minute so all of my cleaning and nifty construction was in vain. However, this year I’m prepared. Saturday, I’ll be taking REI’s Comprehensive Bike Maintenance Course specifically to learn the ins and outs of my vintage bikes. (My road bike, Slither, is a breeze to work on because it’s pretty much a 1:1 experience with Lennard Zinn’s Zinn & The Art of Road Bike Maintenance. (If you ride a modern bike but don’t own that book, shame on you.)

Anyway, I’ll likely share pics of my finished bicycle related silliness so stay tuned.

Two Lives Intertwined -or- OMG Color?!

This is an emotionally spurred sketch, just like Grr Arg was. When two people’s lives grow together, gracefully untying those connections is tedious, tiring, and difficult. Some people choose just to hack the hole mess off, but that leaves a large wound that needs to heal. Either path probably takes the same amount of time.

I ended up using the very last drop of ink from my favorite writing pens in making this today. I just didn’t feel like using the Zigs for some reason. I used some color! Ideally, I would have made the left blue and right green, but I didn’t have the tools available while at work.