Table Sketches

Turrets Syndrome. 😛

STRAP-ON BUTT. (for those assless fellows in need)

Lunch yesterday was Ted’s Montana Grill, which surprised me on many counts. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was quite classy, and the service was everything I hope for but never get in a dining experience. Best of all, however, was that you can draw on the tables. ^_^

Argentrock Isle (sort of…)

Reference: Argentrock Isle

Another Loubet illustration today. This one is from Ultima VIII, the game my mother wouldn’t let play as a kid because it had a pentagram on it. >_>

Anyway, I took some liberties with this one. And by “liberties” I mean “I didn’t do a good job of planning and proportions went to hell.” Oh well. I really wanted to draw the clouds but I didn’t leave enough room for them. Derp.